The Power of Our Way Community

Why We Exist...

Our purpose is to raise consciousness and build bridges of higher understanding within self, within self and Source, in relationships, in business and leadership, and across cultures and religions. In doing this, we commit to being intentional in what we powerfully and positively contribute to the collective consciousness and support you in "Taking Responsibility for Your Own Shift...and Returning to Your Original Intention"

Our mission is to inspire, teach, sing and coach for authenticity, passion, purpose and dream fulfillment; to bridge the gap between spirituality and business, and to give rise to bringing your whole self into all that you do by aligning with your highest purpose and transcending the illusions that create undesired realities.

Our desire is to assist you in understanding and realizing your true power and potential, move you "out of thought and into action," and provide you with the inspiration, knowledge, skills, and support to do so.

Through our coaching, thought provoking tele-programs, books, articles, music, seminars, and inspirational resources, our intention is to move your soul, challenge your mind, and excite your heart, so that you may be free of the beliefs and actions that limit your ability to access true freedom and realize your innate potential.

This is our commitment and contribution to the world.

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“It has been my honor to have crossed paths with such an intuitive healer as Anita Pathik Law. Through various modalities of healing work, she has assisted my personal healing process. She uses her knowledge of Native American ceremonies to tap into the spiritual healing energy of the earth and our ancestors. Her one-on-one sessions include the healing art of guided meditations that are specifically designed for my individual healing, and always leave me with a deeper sense of peace and understanding of my own ability to heal and grow.

She also demonstrates a mature intellect through her one-on-one conversations and reflections. I have also been positively affected by Anita’s hypnosis work, via her CDs. I have leaned on her work and understanding in times of need, because I trust in her ability to tune in to where I am to take the healing steps with me. Last, but not least, on occasion, Anita has facilitated my healing from a distance. Even over the phone, she is able to tap into areas of my body that need relaxing, and is effective in assisting me move through what needs healing and releasing.”

~Amanda, Private Client