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Welcome to the Power of Our Way Newsletter
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What's Asking to Emerge?
Reflection - a Poem
Going For It!
In the Garden
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What's Asking to Emerge?
A New Earth? A New Me?
As I sat down to write this newsletter, a brilliant article came pouring out onto the page, capturing the essence of a powerful and personal reflection that I had yet to find the right and perfect words to describe.
And then, it disappeared. Just like that, I was bounced out of the software and the entire masterpiece was deleted.
Was I not supposed to share this particular message? Did my guides step in and say, "Not yet?" Have I not yet reached the conclusions that I am to reach?
I must admit, I felt a bit crushed, immediately saying to myself, "I don't have time for this!"
Knowing I can not capture the essence of a message that was not formed of my own mind, I breathed in a few deep gulps of air and asked, "what is this about?"
Emergence, unfolding, trust, faith, surrender, trust again.
Yet, even as I type this line, this word, I feel incredibly disappointed that I just lost what felt like a powerfully significant piece of writing.
And, then, I laugh. After all, the entire article was about coming to terms with a truth I am fighting not to see. A truth about Purpose and it's relationship to this insatiable human desire to feel significant.
Recently, I gave myself permission to fantasize about saying "no" to my purpose. I even imagined writing a letter of resignation to God and asking him to find someone else to fill my position.
I've actually been opening to this exploration for several weeks, and to a certain extent, have Oprah and Eckhardt Tolle to thank for this incredible journey.
When Oprah announced the worldwide webinar that is guiding people through Tolle's book,  A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, I received several emails from clients who have gone through my Awakening to Purpose program at
Some saw Oprah's endorsement as incredibly validating of my bigger "why." Others immediately saw my entire business crumbling under the giant of A New Earth.
Initially, I must admit, I felt a little like the mom and pop business watching WalMart move into town. After all, how could I possibly compete with Oprah?
So, I fantasized about what it would be like to not write, teach or coach anymore. I imagined what it might be like to get a "normal job" with a regular paycheck. I even fantasized about deleting my unpublished books, unrecorded lyrics, and hundreds of pages of writing from my hard drive. I entertained the idea of burning my journals and canceling all of the accounts that I use for my websites, this newsletter, and my blogs and radio show.
Then I asked, what could I do, instead?
A few interesting things occurred.
One, I didn't have a vision for anything else.
Two, I realized I do have a choice, even though I sometimes feel like I don't.
And, three, I was reminded of a powerful and humbling truth.
Here it is. . .hold onto your seats.
The human's desire is to feel significant, relevant and important. And, as much as the soul desires to express itself - it's ultimate desire is to be insignificant, in the bigger picture of humanity.
Let me expand on this with a personal example.
See, my soul is not attached to my human "how" (like teaching Awakening to Purpose, EnlightenedBiz, or anything else) as an expression of my purpose, which is "to raise consciousness."
Rather, my soul's desire is to see consciousness raised. It is not attached to actually being the one who helps raise it.
In the end, if the purpose is fulfilled (like, when the project is completed) the soul's desire is met and it can move on to what's next!
So, I open to the emergence - to the "what's next?" and I open, again, to asking the bigger questions that we are all, at various times in our lives, both haunted and perplexed by.
What is my greater calling? What is asking to emerge through me, on behalf of humanity? What does it look like, feel like and with whom am I sharing space and time with? Where am I to live, what am I to do? Is something within me and my own self-constructed picture of my life asking to be released so that I may birth a new reality into existence?
Well, until some new answers come in, I'll continue to teach what I am teaching, all the while hoping to become completely insignificant, unneeded and unnecessary.
I open to a new message and guidance, and surrender and trust that life is unfolding exactly as it should.
And, I'll let you know if anything changes!
Copyright 2008, Anita Pathik Law
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Dear Kindred Spirit,

As I come up for air, I offer you an invitation to take a little journey with me.
Are you able for the journey?
This question, "Are you able?," was one line written in pages of notes taken a few weeks ago when David Whyte, poet and author, came for a second visit to Annapolis.
Irish or Scottish in origin, this one simple question yielded a roller coaster of inconsistent responses that emerged in poetry, pages of new writing and several powerful and new meditations, one of which I am sharing with you today.
This 20 minute meditation, I Am Able, is a journey into your core essence and I invite you to visit
and join me in this powerful reflection.
Enjoy a 20 minute respite and travel inwards to the part of you that is already that which you desire!
The f*r*e*e meditation is posted at
We also have several programs and a three-day, live retreat that is coming up in May. Because each program asks for some preparation, I encourage you to take a look and join me/us for those offerings that most resonate with your inner calling.
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June 12, Sunday Night ALIVE! at The Gathering in Cocoa, Florida
June 13, Monday Night Meditation, Unity of Jacksonville
Private healing session schedule and additional workshops and bookings will be announced soon!
Enjoy this issue, and Be That Which You Most Desire. . .
Namaste, Anita
by Anita Pathik Law, March 15, 2008

I look over a sea of faces

and a landscape forms

before my humble eyes


Peaks and valleys

etched into the souls

of the intent and watchful


Rivers flowing beyond once seen edges

Deserts merge with forest and streams

Lands and shores dancing with the moon,

unbothered by the shifting tides


You come to be intimate

with vulnerability

The seduction of the Divine

tempting the parts of you that already know


When you play in the shadows,


the light can beckon you home

into full remembering


My voice yet a reminder

of the brilliance you came to see

A reflection

of what is alive within you


Inhibited only by illusions

of insignificance,

the flame brightens

with each sounded word


Hoping, praying, longing

for a steady faith,

only at the mercy of being extinguished

by your fear of unbelonging

Copyright 2008, Anita Pathik Law

Going For IT!
straight to source
There are moments in life when you know, to the core of your being, that something significant has occurred - and that life as you know it has changed forever.


Then, because of what you have come to learn, you long to share it with others.


You believe in it. After all, you experienced, first hand, a miracle in your life and know the potential that is asking to be birthed into common awareness, on behalf of humanity.


BUT. . .


click here to read entire article. . .

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excerpt from "Have a Happy Metaphysical Resurrection" by Anita Pathik Law

Transcendence speaks to the inherent ability we each have to go beyond a previously limiting viewpoint and thus expand beyond and surpass all previous experiences that can only be maintained in the status quo.

We begin with asking a few simple, yet profoundly transformational questions;

  • "What conditions in my life am I ready to transcend?"
  • "What am I ready to let go of in both my thinking and behaviors?"
  • "What is asking to emerge and evolve in my life?"
  • "What am I being asked to resurrect within?"

In a world filled with pain and conflict, we face an incredible opportunity to better serve the original intention of our collective incarnations; to love and serve ourselves and others so that we may evolve and transcend that which has limited us from living in unity.

As beings made in the likeness and image of God as CREATOR, we are reminded that we have been gifted with an incredible gift to consciously create heaven on earth - the only limits being that which we dismiss as impossible or unrealistic.

You may seek to change how you are showing up in the world, ready to give birth to an inspiration or idea that has been incubating in the womb of your creative mind and is energized by the desire of your soul.

You may feel a sense of deep longing to feel peace in your heart, a peace only clouded by perceptions and beliefs that are currently preventing you from seeing your life as nothing short of miraculous and abundant.

You may seek to resurrect a part of you that you have hidden, ignored, or dismissed out of fear or a slew of practical reasons.

And, you may seek to heal and transform some very physical manifestations (health, finances, relationships, career) whose genesis exists in a mind and spirit that is ready to align with a gentler way.

As much as we may wish to see a plethora of desired life changes from a strategic, linear view, in truth, we are being gifted an incredible opportunity to expand spiritually first and seek Divine assistance.

To reconnect with the Source of all creation, healing, and evolvement as a pathway to transcend past limitation or pain, or to reawaken a more innocent, inspired and imaginative aspect of our souls, is something that all humans, regardless of cultural or religious orientation have in common.

Staring at a blank page on my computer, I glance down to check today's date and suddenly become aware of the time warp that has become my life. What happened to the summer? Isn't it still June? How did 3 months pass by without me taking a vacation? Is time moving more quickly and no one has informed me of the time change?

Back from a month of traveling up and down the east coast for various speaking engagements, it almost feels as if parts of me have not yet arrived home and a deep longing settles into my bones. I long for the words to describe a deep transformation that has been unfolding. I long for a way to describe how deeply I have been touched by death, the journey of the soul, the mysteries and miracles of faith, and a tangible, vibratory presence of love that is permeating my entire being.

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