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Questions and Answers For Power of My Way Movie Fans!

Welcome! We recently added this page in an effort to cover all of the questions we are receiving from viewers of As of midnight on January 21, 2006, over 78,000 people around the world have viewed the movie! In the event we have no covered your particular inquiry, please email us at and we will respond to you shortly!

On January 11, 2006, Prosperity Expert, Paula Langguth Ryan conducted the first interview with Anita Pathik Law about The Power of My Way. Just click on the arrow to your left to listen to the interview.

Listen to the Interview Today!

Q: Who is singing Power of My Way?

A: All of the music and vocals were composed and performed by Brent Law. Anita Law is the lyricist.

Q: Where can I find/buy the CD with the Power of My Way single?

A: Both our Chosen Road and Book Companion CD include the single Power of My Way, in addition to several other songs co-written by Anita and Brent Law. And, the quality of the recording is much more powerful on the CD’s, as we had to super compress it to share over the internet and on the movie. All of our CD’s are available at
Brent Law is the musician and voice heard on
Click to learn more about Brent Law, Singer, Songwriter, Composer

Q: How do I get the book?

A: You may learn more about the book and the free bonuses currently being offered by visiting or go directly to to purchase it. It is also available at and

Q: I would love to buy the Power of My Way movie DVD and want to share it with (my church, my support group, clients, co-workers, book group, coaching group etc.)  Can I show the DVD with my group as long as I cite the artists?

A: Brent and I would be honored to have you share the movie with others! The Power of My Way DVD is available for pre-order now for $14.95, plus shipping and handling, at It is also available in bulk orders for those of you who have asked to purchase larger quantities for gifts or re-sale/retail. Reserve your copy today!

Q: How can I receive other things from the creators of Power of My Way?

A: You may sign up for the Power of My Way Community and get free access to lots of cool stuff by going to We have some great FREE tele-seminars beginning this Tuesday, which you can register for at

Q: Do the creators of Power of My Way have other “movies” that I can receive?

A: We do. A few are available in the Free Member section at Registration is Free, and it's simple! Our Tribal VooDoo DVD has several visual and musical meditations that can be played on your computer or DVD player and is available at

Q: Are Brent and Anita available for speaking engagements and performances?

A: Yes. Please send your inquires to

Q: How can I make a movie like this?

A: Scott Stratten and his team did an excellent job creating our “movie.” If you are interested, please send them an email at

Q: Do you have an affiliate program or can I buy the CD's and Books in bulk?

A: Yes, we will have an affiliate program in place soon. Our store is being revised as of 1/15/06 and will soon have bundle packages available. Retailers and non-profits can inquire at or call Carol at 410-349-1397.

Q: Wow! I love your eBook and all of the special effects! Who did this for you?

A: Kelly Patrick, one of our original Power of Our Way readers, created this amazing piece of artwork! If you want her to create a similar product for you, she can be reached at She also does all of our collateral materials, photography and graphic design work.

Q: How do we sign up for your FREE Newsletter and get into the FREE Resources Section of the website?

A: Just fill in the box below and you will be sent an email that includes the password and username for our FREE Resources Section for Power of My Way Community members. Power of My Way offers a more holistic and spiritual approach to life and business. 

Dare Dreamers, our parent company, offers more of a business edge and and a strategic perspective. About one or two times month you will receive awesome articles, thoughts from our community members, and updates about the resources we make available to our communities. Much of our work is done over the phone and internet so we have clients all around the world!

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