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My life has completely changed since ATP! Where I once lacked the motivation to accomplish my daily tasks and dreaded getting out of bed in the morning. I have now doubled my productivity with my business and I can honestly say I love my life!! I truly appreciate all the possibilities I am blessed with now! But most importantly I've dusted off my old dreams and have dared to believe again. Life is great!! Thank You Anita & Ghalil


I have been involved with "The Power of My Way" shortly after it's first printing. Anita kindly gifted the book to me after having worked together in a different setting. I listened to the song "Power of My Way" that very night riding home in my car, before I even had read a page of the book, I could feel the "Power of MY Way" overcoming me. Since that night, almost 2 years ago now, I have read the book a number of times, been involved in a call-in group and been personally coached by Anita Pathik Law. What is amazing is that I have always talked about being self-employed and following my dream of creating video and film, now I am doing it. I am just months from walking away from my day job to live my dream. On my last video production I made $3,000 dollars, an amount I would have never had the confidence to charge for before. Anita's vision has helped me tap into my own and for that I can't really put a monetary value. Like the Visa commercial -- Anita's work is priceless! Thank you!

Holly Tuckett,


The first time that I was informed through one of my close friends; I was much pleased with the link and then the amazing piece of music that I listened to.............That was amazing! It was a cling to the past.. I was so pleased with the program as well as the music clip. As for the internet speed in here, it was the coolest way to get relieved some time at work and that was cool...thanks! I would like to be more involved with program so that I would be able to share it with others.

Regards Dr. M.Azimi, Iran

It is 6:10pm and I'm still at work - I took a break and watched The Power of My Way Movie. I was carried away to a better place within myself and found a peaceful oasis of time. Beautiful visuals, words and music. Thank you for the love that comes from these wonderful movies, the time you devote to making them is truly appreciated.

Carol Smith, Canada


This movie does more than motivate, it challenges the soul. More than anything, we need to be able to trust ourselves and what we find within. We also need to feel connection and communion with others of like mind. Anita and Brent are offering that through the movie and the book. I also have to say that Anita's voice on her CD's is so deeply soothing, to listen is to be nurtured.

Robin Rice, author, "Venus for a Day" and "A Hundred Ways to Sunday" Visit Robin at

Denise Trifiletti is the cofounder of, a virtual community that supports women in business. Denise  shares her thoughts about Power of My Way
Denise Trifiletti is the co-founder of
Anita and I connected at a Synchronistic time and have an awesome "Power Partnership". I was creating a community of abundant, energetic, women interested in helping other women to GROW their business exponentially. And, Anita was just about to create her Breakthrough with this wondrous movie and book. They shared the movie and I immediately knew that our womens community and the world needed to hear and know their message. Their movie symbolizes life at its best - and a joy and vision that all people should experience. Their focus on collective results is of great importance, and a core value of womens community. Anita is our VP of Innovation for Womens Community and no one better can spread the most valuable work she is contributing to us, and to mankind.

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