Join our 6-week Zoom Discussion Group to support your

personal journey through


"The Power of Our Way, a Path to a Collective Consciousness.”

by Anita Pathik Law


Meet for 6 Tuesday evenings, Oct. 29 through Dec. 1, 2020

7:00 PM to 8:15 PM


Imagine if--in just 20 minutes a day plus 1 hour a week--you could:


• Banish self-limiting beliefs

• Replace self-destructive thought patterns with positive ones

• Forgive past hurts, in yourself and others

• Experience a heightened level of inner peace

·    Adopt new perspectives for dealing with the challenges of 2020

• Find self-worth

• Improve self-confidence and self-image

• Meet challenges with boldness and anticipation


If these sound like bold promises, please read about others’ experience below.*

The Power of Our Way Self-Discovery Process offers a way to break old patterns supported by your own online community and the author of the book! And the best part is that it only takes about 20 minutes a day for one month! Each day, you'll explore a different and profound theme of self-reflection. Each short reading, and the questions that accompany it, will encourage you to dig down deep and discover who you really are  who you want to become and what is unfolding for you in your deepening understanding. Weekly meditations to deepen your process are also included in the book.

Your weekly Zoom call with like-minded journeyers will be guided by the author, Anita Pathik.  These calls offer an opportunity to share and deepen your journey through the evolutionary process offered in the daily readings and self-coaching exercises.


Would you like to READ A SAMPLE FROM THE BOOK before you decide?

Just send an email to and request a pdf sample of this life-changing book. Or order now at 


LOVE OFFERINGS GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED:  Our suggested donation for the 6-week program is $99. However, this work is so helpful for so many that we do not want to turn anyone away. If $99 does not work for you, please contact to arrange a scholarship or discount price.


Please SIGN UP HERE:  Please order your book now:  Power of Our Way

*NOT SURE THIS IS FOR YOU? Read some feedback from previous "Power of Our Way" journeyers below.

"I'm now on my second journey of "The Power of Our Way." This is not a book you just 'read,' you actually move along a beautifully directed path that prepares you for a lifetime of discoveries. The revelations for me have been moving and beautiful. As a single mom and business owner, the journey I take in the daily readings is a gift to me. Creating time to explore my higher self and our universe has resulted in excitement for the coming day, appreciation for my past and all it has given me, and calm in the present moment."    --Kelly Patrick


"For years I pored through numerous self-help books, listened to untold numbers of audio tapes, attended workshops, seminars, constantly searching for directions and answers. What I got was information, messages, based on paths others had followed that didn't necessarily work for me. The Power of Our Way took me in another direction. Searching inward, I began to find answers that came from my authentic self, my inner guidance, and I emerged with a clearer picture of my values and a better sense of the direction I wanted to follow."   --Arlene Berlin, PR Consultant and Fundraiser

"Since reading the book, my life has begun a transformation. I started a new job the same day that I started the book and coaching. I've been through some rocky times with it, but by using the principles in The Power of Our Way, I have transformed the job into the perfect job for me right now. I'm learning things that I never would have exposed myself to before. I've also found the strength and courage to deal with some health issues that I had previously been content to live with. I'm seeing positive changes in that area. Also (and this is huge), I am taking the steps to finally get my finances in order after a lifetime of disarray in that area. I'm not 'there' yet, but I am certainly on my way. I feel more fully connected to all that is and seek to enhance that connection daily. Your work has been a real catalyst for these changes in my life. I will be eternally grateful to you for sharing it with me."   --Nancie, Durham, NC

Friday, March 13, 2020 7pm - 9pm Shamanic Healing Activation and Meditation Gathering

April 4, 2020 Intuitive Chakra Treasure Mapping

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Please read the experiences of previous participants in this amazing journey.

Click HERE to order your book. You will want to begin reading on our first day of discussions.

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