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The Power of Our Way Peace Experience
The Power of Our Way, A Path to a Collective Consciousness, is being given away for free in an effort to contribute to building peace on the planet.
The Power of Our Way

Do you want to join us in the Peace Experience and Get My Book, "The Power of Our Way" for free?

If so, read on...complete the form below, read the letter for some background, and join us in this intention to contribute to Peace and Healing around the globe.

Anita's Soul Purpose is to Raise Consciousness on the Planet. Her book, the Power of Our Way, is one way she contributes to this purpose.
Anita Pathik Law, author, The Power of Our Way

Brent Law, Singer, Songwriter, Speaker
You are enjoying the Sneak Preview to "The Path," a brand new original song on our soon to be released on our new CD, The Path to Peace

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Begin the Power of Our Way Peace Experience on June 1, 2008 and
Co-Create Through Collective Intention!

Sign up below and you'll be transported to a powerful flash movie called Power of My Way written and recorded by Brent and Anita Law.

Then, check your email for the link to download the eBook, workbook, and receive the info for the orientation call shceduled for Sunday, June 1, 2008 at 7:00 pm eastern!

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Complete the quick form below to join The Power of Our Way Peace Experience and receive your free eBook, normally sold for $27.00, as a gift for joining us on this incredible journey of building peace as a collective in both thought and action!


As soon as you complete this form, you will receive an email with the link and instructions to download the eBook, plus, the info and phone numbers so you can participate in the orientation calls. We have decided to continue to host monthly orientation calls for people who want to join the experiment!

If you prefer to have the "real" book, please sign up for the Peace Experience and then  order the print book at

We recommend you get the Power of Our Way Companion CD which has all of the weekly meditations found in the book.

How did you hear about us?

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Dear Fellow Peace Builder,

I truly hope you enjoy The Power of Our Way, A Path to a Collective Consciousness and find great value in particpating the Power of Our Way Peace Experience.  

"The Power of Our Way" was written as a result of a dream I had shortly following the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

During that dream, I was asked to contribute to peace and healing, and the entire outline for the book, exactly in the order you will see, literally poured onto paper after I awoke.

For the next year, I would meditate and the words would flow. It took me a while to understand that I was writing a book. Later, it became clear that this 31 day process, with five weekly themes; Truth, Forgiveness, Healing, Peace, and Power was incrediblt powerful. I quickly realized that the weekly meditations, daily readings and "Thought Invoker" exercises would connect thousands, if not millions of people around the world in a powerful, collective intention.

You see, everyone who is reading this book is literally on the same page together, walking the journey of healing and peace, practicing the application of the 36 principles, and growing in consciousness on both an individual and collective level.

Our very first readers began to experience profound change in their lives. It began immediately. And, they truly felt the collective energy of the other people around the world who were moving through the 31 day journey together.

When I released the second edition of “the Power of Our Way” on January 11, 2006, we also released A song co-written and recorded with my husband and musician, Brent Law.

Within weeks, over 100,000 people around the world had viewed the movie. Many proceeded to join The Power of My Way community whose mission and purpose is to “Raise Consciousness and Build Bridges of Higher Understanding – within Self, in Relationships, in Business and Leadership, and Across Cultures and Religions, with a higher intention of having a powerful, positive impact on the collective consciousness on the planet.

Two years ago, with the eruption of violence in Lebanon and Israel, and ongoing conflicts around the world, I asked myself again and again, “What can I do?”

“What can I personally do to contribute to building peace and healing at this critical time in our history?”

What came to me was a bit surprising, mostly because selling our books and cds is one way we support our family and fund the activities of the community.

Yet, I knew what I had to do.

I had to give my book away. I had to use and share this gift in a way that it would be accessible to anyone and everyone in the world who wanted to join together in the name of peace building, healing, and unity.

So, that is exactly what I am doing. I am giving away the eBook for the Power of Our Way, A Path to a Collective Consciousness.

I am also asking that everyone who downloads this book, begin the 31 day process with me, in community, beginning on August 1, 2006 (we begin a new cycle JUNE 1, 2008) and then repeating each month.
My vision is that if we can spread the word, and get a million or more people around the world to join in this intention; a movement to spread peace and healing across the planet, that together, we can make a huge difference.

There is a lot of info posted at, including the orientation and the new intention to begin the 31 day process each and every month with anyone who is choosing to join us in this amazing collective effort!

All you need to do is complete the brief form below. This will help us track how many people are joining us in this incredible experiment and creating a collective intention to build bridges of peace across the globe. It will also help us see where in the world you reside so we can share how the connections to one another are growing.

As soon as you complete the form below, you will receive the link to download the eBook and the workbook.

I ask one thing (in addition to beginning the readings with us on the first of the month, or whatever day of the month that you join). Email the following links to everyone you know so they too can choose to join us on the same journey.

Send them an email with these two links – and and ask that they join you on this 31 day journey.

Also, to ensure you receive the email with the download instructions, add to your accepted email list.

If you are interested in joining our full 6 week group, you may do so at

That’s it for now. Complete the form below and you will immediately get the link to download the eBook. Plus, there are some extra gifts on that page to support the Power of Our Way Peace Experiment.

I will be with you in spirit always. We are connected; we are ONE, in Unity, Peace, and Love. Enjoy the journey into the Power of Your Way – it is amazing.

May You Be Eternally Blessed.

Namasté, Anita

Anita Pathik Law, author, lyricist, coach, and catalyst for PEACE

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